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Hype Campaign

Hype Campaign (Pre-launch)

Let your crowd know what’s coming


  • Create a priority list - provide 4-5 main points you want to highlight
  • Provide list of marketing channels you are planning to use:
  • Traditional
    • Television
    • Press release
    • Endorsement Influencer
    • Promotion Influencer
    • Billboard
    • Flyers
    • Others
    • Social media
    • Email blast
    • SMS blast
    • Remarketing
    • Google ads
    • Others


  • Map out the marketing timeline (see sample questions to answer below)
    1. What are your planned posts for social on the first week? (banners, shoutouts, video clips)
    2. When do you plan on sending the email blast?
    3. Have contingency plan for dropping the price? (provide scenarios of when its the right time to drop the price and announce it)
  • Create Facebook event, social, text campaign to current audience, etc
  • Teasers - Get them excited but not too much info, create anticipation
Take off

Take off (Launch period)

Launch the slide, spread the word and keep the momentum

  1. Share the word and boost your ads
  2. Put up traditional media assets such as billboards, physical posters, flyers, internal TV ads, (if applicable)
  3. Allot about 20% of the budget on this period
  4. Follow up on the 2nd day - Congratulate


  • Do price evaluation (assess if need to drop to a certain price then announce to your audience) Emphasize the accomplishment to the customer for dropping the price down


  • Email blast, social posts, text campaign, etc
Body of the promotion

Body of the promotion

Utilize all forms of media channels

  1. Allot about 10-15% of the budget on this period
  2. Send communications as per your marketing timeline and assets available
  3. Do price evaluation from time to time
  4. Continue with the hype - Congratulate. Motivate. Remind
  5. Tell a story - show evidence to commit
Wrap it up

Wrap it up

Last Call: Tell them what you told them

  1. Allot about 30-35% of the budget on this period
  2. Hangover sale (optional)
  3. Do last price drop if needed, and announce with urgency
  4. Hard sell - clear reminder of the lowest price your customers are gonna get